Dual completion services

Providing of multi packers assembly
with engineering support while multiple zone development

During the period since 2007 to present time 60 configurations of dual completion assemblies are introduced, more than 1000 operations on service of those assemblies are done with slickline equipment, more than 20 assemblies were successfully pulled out of hole for maintenance.

For achievement of following goals:

  • Providing of selective and differentiated on parameters influences on separate objects of operation;
  • Reduction of expenses for development of multi layer fields by means of separate well spacing;
  • Increasing oil recoverability factor;
  • Increasing of efficiency on capital investments to oilfield development,

We suggest using dual completion production technology of several layers by means of multi packers assembly.

Usage of dual completion technology by means of multi packers assembly allows oil companies to increase:

  • production rate and total oil recovery,
  • overhaul period of well,
  • term of profitable well operation,
  • term of well operation and reliability of well assembly.

«Packer Service, LLC» is the designer, patent holder, manufacturer and authorized supplier of components (packers, mandrels, pipe disconnectors and other equipment) for the modernized assembly of dual injection and/or dual completion and/or dual production systems on several layers.

The general view of multi packers assembly for dual injection for Formation Pressure Maintenance wells, is shown above.

At the moment pilot project on introduction of multi packers assembly for production wells are conducted (dual completion) with artificial lift well operation (rod well pump, electric submersible pump, vertical sludge pump).