Hydraulic fracturing for all conditions

Carrying out a full complex of hydraulic fracturing using modern specialized equipment, auxiliary equipment and personnel of Packer Service LLC.

fully staffed hydraulic fracturing fleet
units of equipment for solving each of the tasks in each of the hydraulic fracturing fleets
years we have been working on hydraulic fracturing
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Description of the typical hydraulic fracturing fleet of Packer Service LLC

Pumping unit for hydraulic fracturing on Mercedes Benz Actros 4151 8×8 chassis
Fracturing blender on Mercedes Benz Actros 3351A, 6×6 chassis
Installation for data collection, monitoring and control in container version on Mercedes Benz Actros 3332, 6×6
Sand truck for hydraulic fracturing on Mercedes Benz Actros 4141, 8×8 chassis including Arctic package
High and low pressure hydraulic fracturing manifold on the chassis of Mercedes Benz 3332 AK
Installation of automated supply of chemicals for hydraulic fracturing on Mercedes Benz Actros 3346 6×6 chassis
Heating unit, complete with high pressure washer in container design

All services

Standard crosslinked gel fracturing

Traditional guar-based frac fluid with borate crosslinker.

Multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in 3 main types of well completion

Conducting multistage hydraulic fracturing in “ball” assemblies, in assemblies with equal-bore / reusable ports activated with coiled tubing and conducting high-rate hydraulic fracturing in production strings using Plug & Perf technology.

Hydraulic fracturing with pressure up to 150 MPa

The use of pumping equipment and manifolds with the possibility of hydraulic fracturing with an injection pressure of 150 MPa.

Hydraulic fracturing at low polymer loads (2.2 kg/m³ and less)

Reducing polymer loading in order to reduce the impact of pollution on the formation and limit the growth of the fracture in height.

Hydraulic fracturing at abnormally high formation pressure

Hydraulic fracturing in wells with abnormally high reservoir pressure (wellhead pressure over 60 MPa).

Provision of modular hydraulic fracturing fleets

Availability of a “helicopter” hydraulic fracturing fleets in block design for hydraulic fracturing in autonomous areas.

Hydrocarbon based hydraulic fracturing

Hydrocarbon-based hydraulic fracturing fluids (diesel, oil, condensate). Water-sensitive, hydrophobic / undersaturated reservoirs.

Guarless hydraulic fracturing: PAA, xanthan and others

Increased fracture conductivity coefficient, “long” fracture, no need for a hydration unit and fluid heating.

High-speed hydraulic fracturing injection (with a flow rate of more than 16 m³/min)

The use of a high-flow blender with the ability to pump more than 16 m³/min.

More volumetric fracturing – more than 500 tons of proppant

Use of specialized equipment and a tank farm sufficient for large-volume hydraulic fracturing (more than 500 tons of proppant).

Foam Nitrogen Fracturing, Acid Frac

Carrying out acidic, proppant-acid fracturing with various acid compositions. Nitrogen and foam fracturing with foam quality over 50%.

Fluid fracturing with friction reducer, hybrid frac

Fracturing fluids for high-flow injection.


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