fully equipped coiled tubing complexes.
units of equipment for solving each of the tasks in each of the coiled tubing complexes.
years we’ve been working with coiled tubing complexes.
wells-operations carried out with coiled tubing complexes.


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Milling of frac ports, seats, balls

Extensive experience in milling horizontal wells up to full bore diameter.

Setting of various shut-off bridge plugs (milable / retrievable)

A wide range of sizes of packer plugs available.

Plug&Perf technology

Setting of shut-off plugs and perforation in one trip of coiled tubing.

Squeeze jobs, cementing, cleaning out using foam systems

Wells cementation (setting of cement bridges, isolation jobs), squeeze jobs, cleanout of wells using foam systems.

Bottom-hole treatment (matrix treatment with flow deviation technology)

Treatment of bottomhole formation zones with flow deviation technology using acid compositions for both directional and horizontal wells.

Jet perforation

Coiled tubing jet perforation with various types of activation (cable or hydraulic).

Selective reusable / inflatable packers for selective well stimulation

Application of packers on coiled tubing for selective well treatments with various compositions.

Fishing operations

A wide range of fishing tools and extensive experience in fishing.

Elimination of sticking by cutting off tubing / drill pipes with pipe cutters

The use of various types of pipe cutters.

GIS in horizontal wells (stand-alone / cabled)

Geophysical surveys of horizontal wells with the delivery of instruments to coiled tubing. Use of devices, both stand-alone and cabled.

Hydro-sandblasting perforation in horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing

Hydrodynamic testing to obtain a well-formation hydrodynamic connection. Wide range of rotary hammer bodies are used.

Activation of equal-pass / reusable MSHF ports using special key

Application of reusable and equal bore ports in wells for multistage hydraulic fracturing. Successful opening and closing of couplings with a wrench installed on coiled tubing. The mechanically activated port is activated by a hydraulically activated key.

Underbalanced drilling with coiled tubing

This technology is used in wells where it is necessary to minimize damage to the productive reservoir during drilling. Compared to conventional drilling, CT drilling has a significant economic effect.

Work in abnormally high pressure wells

Extensive experience of CT application in wells with abnormally high reservoir pressure. Fully-equipped CT crews with the ability to work in wells with wellhead pressure up to 15000 psi.

Removal of hydrate plugs

With the use of CT it is possible to effectively thaw wells from hydrate and paraffin plugs using heated fluid or special chemical compositions.


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