ICoTA – Worldwide coiled tubing unit count (Historical Data)

According to the results of the data of ICoTA, Packer Service LLC in 2019-2020 entered the TOP-10 among the world service companies providing services using coiled tubing in terms of the number of coiled tubing units and the volume of work performed.

24 completed coiled tubing allow Packer Service LLC to provide services to its Customers at a high technological level, which made it possible to receive such a high calling from the international community and to be competitive with such world service companies as Baker Hughes, Halliburton, Schumberger.

Taking into account the high demand for services using coiled tubing, Packer Service LLC continues its strategy to increase production capacity and expand the geography of work both with the use of coiled tubing and hydraulic fracturing.

World estimate of the number of coiled tubing units according to ICoTA

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