Technology Forum of OOO GAZPROMNEFT

On the initiative of GAZPROMNEFT, from September 12 to September 14, 2022, a Technological Forum dedicated to downhole operations using coiled tubing was held in St. Petersburg. Representatives of GAZPROMNEFT subsidiaries and key service companies providing services were invited to this event. Such important issues as the selection and implementation of new technologies, the producing of CT, equipment and downhole tools, the producing and use of chemical reagents were discussed.

Representatives of Packer Service LLC took part in this forum, provided a presentation on the topic – “Technical solutions to maintain the performance of wells with difficult geological conditions.” Proposals and solutions in the field of import substitution were also provided, and initiatives for pilot work were identified.

Packer Service LLC expresses its gratitude to GAZPROMNEFT for holding this forum, which allows the exchange of existing experience in the field of downhole interventions using coiled tubing, developing partnerships between companies and jointly responding to the challenges facing the industry today.

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