Diesel based Hydraulic fracturing

The Packer Service LLC continues its technological development and one of the technology is hydraulic fracturing on a hydrocarbon basis. Diesel, oil, gas condensate are used as a sand carrier fluid. When performing hydraulic fracturing (HF) in shale formations, the problem of clay swelling arises, which leads to a decrease in the permeability of rocks.

Packer Service LLC, together with one of the leading universities, developed a hydraulic fracturing fluid system for gas and gas condensate reservoirs and successfully pumped more than 800 m3 of diesel in a horizontal well with five stages of multi stage fracturing for one of the customer in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region. The work performed without any accident, with preliminary laboratory tests on core material, at a high technological level in compliance with all fire safety requirements.

The experience of Packer Service LLC specialists allows us to state with confidence that the use of this technology is an up-to-date method for solving problems of extracting hard-to-recover gas and gas condensate reserves in low-permeability reservoirs, as well as testing exploration wells by hydraulic fracturing.

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