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Packers service

The general activity area of packer service:

  • Supplying packers with engineering support on a well (delivery, installation, setting, unsetting, taking out, maintenance) for fracturing jobs, service and repair of packers *
  • Supplying wellhead equipment for fracturing jobs, service and repair of wellhead equipment
  • Renting of packers for use in injection wells with engineering support of setting and unsetting of packers
  • Supplying packers for carrying out technological operations in workover (casing pressure tests, near-wellbore treatment with acid, perforation, remedial jobs with application of packers)
  • Sale of packers and other oilfield equipment also repair kits to it, with training of the client's personnel on installation, maintenance and repair of the those equipment

* At the moment our company provides those services and has bases for maintenance and service of packers and wellhead equipment on the Southern part of the Priobskoe oilfield, belonging to "Gazpromneft-Hantos, LLC", in Noyabrsk for JSC "Gazpromneft-NNG" and on terms of third party contractors for the company "Newco Well Service" on Northern part of the Priobskoe oilfiled of "Rosneft-Yuganskneftegaz, LLC". At the same places accommodations of our personnel are based, there they provide service in 24/7 mode.


Packers used by «Packer Service, LLC», allows to make guaranteed two, and on some wells three fracturing jobs without pulling packer out for maintenance.

For such jobs our company uses PS type packers (manufactured by "MF "Packer Tools, LLC"), other packers are also used, manufactured by "Protex CIS Ltd." (Canada).

At the moment more than 2500 operations were done with application of those packers for following clients:

  • "Gazpromneft-Hantos" LLC
  • JSC "Gazpromneft-NNG"
  • "Trican Well Service" LLC

About 23,5 % from them are operations with single resetting, about 11 % — with two resetting at success rate almost 100 %

Packers used by "Packer Service, LLC", allows to make guaranteed two,
and on some wells three fracturing jobs without pulling packer out for maintenance