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Packers service

Advantages of services with packers types PS,
dimensions: 102, 114, 127, 140, 146, 168, 178 mm.

Advantages of services with packers types PS,
dimensions: 102, 114, 127, 140, 146, 168, 178 mm

Advantages of this packer in comparison with other types of packers:

  1. The Reliable design and qualitative rubber materials. Those packers allows to make 2 and 3 frac jobs without pooling packer out for maintenance with 100 % a guarantee of operation success while compliance to pulling-and-running and sand plug operations, that considerably saves time of putting well on production from drilling.
  2. Ease of setting (1/4 turns to the right) and unsetting of packer (a tension upwards) allows to reduce time for those operations.
  3. Low additional loading on unsetting of packer (in normal conditions no more than 2-4 tons over tubing weight) allows to use A-60/80 workover rigs at wellsite and reduce requirement in heavy units.
  4. Presence of bypass connection on packer allows to equalize pressure between tubing and annulus before unsetting packer, that considerably helps in unsetting of packer and allows to refuse from killing the well "directly into tubing" that accordingly allows to reduce formation damage.
  5. Low breakdown rate with those packers, caused by their high reliability.
  6. During performing of technological operations (pressure test, near-wellbore treatment) allow guaranteed to make number of resettings and hydraulic tests of casing (maximum 16 resettings were done while terming casing leak).
  7. Hull design (mandrel) of packer (increased internal diameter, hardening of a material and absence of threaded connections) allows to pump lage volume of proppant. The average volume pumped through packer exceeds 2,5-3 thousand tons proppant. The maximum rupture — 700 tons for one operation.
  8. Presence of hydraulic anchor in packer design allows to keep it from pushing out loadings during frac jobs (i.e. the higher pressure inside tubing, the more strongly packer is fixed in casing).
При проведении технологических операций (опрессовки, ОПЗ) пакеры ПС серии позволяют гарантированно производить многократные перепосадки и гидравлические тесты колонны