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Mobile membrane nitrogen unit

Technical parameters

  • Membrane autonomous unit
  • Model — C650HPNGU-95-4500 — those parameters based on ambient temperature and humidity 120°F and 90 %
  • Year of manufacture — 2010
  • Possibility to mobilize both with automobile and helicopter transport

Mobile membrane nitrogen unit

  • Presented generator consists of two standard containers
    • First 20’ standard container includes air supply compressor, booster, diesel engine and components
    • Second 10’ container includes membrane nitrogen separation system, filters
  • Capacity of a unit — min 650 SCFM (20 Nm3/m) @ > 95 % up to 4500-5000 PSI (33.0-34.0 MPa / 330-340 bar)

Our equipment guaranty long, reliable operation. From design to manufacture, this allow to solve profitably following issues:

  • No need to supply liquid nitrogen;
  • Nitrogen generating from air on wellsite;
  • Low unit weight, allowing transport it by helicopter;
  • Reliability of unit;
  • Effective repair possibility;
  • Wide net of maintenance base of main components manufacturer Atlas Copco.

Unit design based on quality and durability to guaranty max reliability of operation. Science research gives innovation features to unit, which is up to date with current standards.

Components of membrane unit are made by world famous leaders like Sullair and Atlas Copco (compressors), Hankinson (filters), Air Compressor (membranes) and Hiraccen (booster).

Analog membrane units are used in more than 30 countries in the world like Canada, USA, Brazil, Mexico and Russia and made by the same technical specifications, designed for oil & gas industry, like well completion, pipelines and drilling.

Features of membrane nitrogen units:

  • Best in class OEM components, available on world market
  • System require less HP, less fuel consumption and emission accordingly
  • Combined power pack in one container occupy less space
  • Low electricity consumption, system 24 W
  • Improved filtration system PCI
    • Low filtration pressure
    • Effective removing water and oil mist.

Mobile membrane nitrogen unit Mobile membrane nitrogen unit

Mobile membrane nitrogen unit

Mobile membrane nitrogen unit

Interface of membrane nitrogen unit is Russian.

Mobile membrane nitrogen unit

Technical parameters in PDF format can be downloaded here:  Membrane nitrogen unit