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Coiled tubing services and well completion with nitrogen from cryogenic and membrane units

«Packer Service, LLC» starts coiled tubing operations on market on 2008 and successfully develops coiled tubing service with usage different way of nitrogen generating (cryogenic and membrane types)

Strategic direction of «Packer Service, LLC» in Coiled tubing service is continuous improvement and development of new practice in workover and well completion operations, introduction of modern equipment and chemicals.

Coiled Tubing

At the moment «Packer Service, LLC» uses following equipment:

  • Coiled tubing unit manufactured by «NOV Hydra Rig» equipped with 1.5" tubing, with length up to 4600 m.
  • Pump unit manufactured by «NOV Hydra Rig» with max pump rate 700 l/min and max working pressure 70 MPa.
  • Mobile membrane nitrogen unit, equipped with 50 separating membrane (made by «PCI», USA) with max gaseous nitrogen rate up to 20 nm3/min and max working pressure 34 MPa.
  • Mobile cryogenic nitrogen unit, equipped with cryogenic gasificator with max gaseous nitrogen rate 85 m3/min and max working pressure 70 MPa.

«Packer Service, LLC» has workshops and warehouses in Octyabrsky (Bashkortostan), Surgut and operation base on South-Priobskoe oilfield (KhMAO-Ugra)

During last years «Packer Service, LLC» gains significant experience in coiled tubing service and develop high qualified team.

Передвижное, мобильное жильё, вагонный фонд, услуги в удалённых месторождениях

Personnel of «Packer Service, LLC» has mobile workshops and living wagons. Each crew has: living wagons, wagon with changing room and showers, workshop wagon, combined office wagon with canteen and kitchen. Presence of those wagons increase mobility of crews and allows operating on remote locations. Office wagons equipped with Internet connection, which allows getting in touch with client in time and making corrections to completion job design made on CERBERUS software (developed by National Oilwell Varco, USA).

«Packer Service, LLC» has mobile tubing rewinding unit with electric drive, mobile welding equipment for tubing, sets of fishing, impulse and milling tools, continues chemicals supply from recognized manufacturers.

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