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Pump unit

Technical parameters

  • Pump unit manufactured by NOV Hydra Rig, USA.
  • Chassis — Kenworth С500.
  • Pump unit is designed to work at temperature range from -40°C till +40°C.

Pump unit SPM 250 is able to pump and heat high density fluids and can be controlled from operator’s cabin.

Pump unit SPM-250, img 1

Pump unit SPM-250, img 2


  • Model — Kenworth C500.
  • Drive train — 6x6 with middle and rear differentials locks.
  • Engine — Detroit Diesel 92V8, euro 3, power — 450 HP @ 1900 RPM (Fuel consumption — 53 l/h).
  • Transmission — manual.
  • Fuel tank capacity — two tanks 500 liters each.
  • Electrical equipment 24 V, two batteries 190 Am/h.
  • Engine preheater Webasto.

Pump unit SPM-250, img 3


  • Triplex pump model SPM TWS 250
  • Low weight of pump.
  • Plunger stroke — 5".
  • Pumping rate — 61 gallons per min @ 300 RPM at pressure 6324 PSI.
  • Working pressure — 0-69 MPa (0-10,000 PSI).

Pump unit SPM-250, img 4

Fluid heating system

  • Heating system manufactured by Rush company
  • Circulating heating system.
  • Heater is designed for heating following fluids:
    • crude oil
    • diesel fuel
    • brine
    • technical water
  • Heating rate — V-20 m3 from 10°C to 80°C during 100 min.

Pump unit SPM-250, img 5

Technical parameters in PDF format can be downloaded here:  Pump unit