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Filtration assemblies services

In introduction of Well Filtration Assemblies

For the purpose to decrease the expenses connected with "sacrificial" ESP, a number of Western Siberia oil companies use Filtration Assemblies for decrease TSS while well clean up after big fracs and while production from weaker formation, with high sand production. Filtration Assemblies cut particles in the size of 0,2 mm and more.

In case of support packers for filtration assemblies highly reliable packers are used manufactured by "MF "Packer Tools, LLC".

Those packers provide reliable setting and hermetic sealing of filtration assemblies.

In case of disconnection systems for filtration assemblies the latest, and well proved mechanical disconnectors are used manufactured by "MF "Packer Tools, LLC". Those disconnectors allows to set assembly on any depths and easy removing of filtration assembly in case of workover operations.

Technical characteristics of used filters:

  • Filter overall dimensions — tubing-89 mm, L-4000 mm;
  • Length of a working filtration surface — 3000 mm;
  • Diameter of a working filtration surface — no more than 102 mm;
  • Filter thread — tubing 89;
  • Filtration rate on water (1 m.) — up to 150 m3/day.