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Mobile cryogenic nitrogen unit

Technical parameters

  • Mobile nitrogen unit with cryogenic pump and heater from engine cooling system
  • Model — 180К

Mobile cryogenic nitrogen unit

Max working pressure   690 atm. (10,000 PSI)
Hydraulic test pressure   1050 atm. (15,000 PSI)
Max gaseous nitrogen rate   5100 m3/h, 85 m3/min (180,000 SCFH)
Fuel tank capacity   378 l. (100 gal.)
Length ....... 5.2 m (17’ 0”)
Width ....... 2.43 m (8’ 0”)
High ....... 2.6 m (8’ 6”)
Gross weight   7500 kg. (16,500 lbs)

Unit consists of: frame, cryogenic booster pump, triplex pump, cooling and heating of nitrogen system and all necessary control and monitoring gauges and switches.

Pumping of cryogenic nitrogen under high pressure (690 atm.), with following it heating under high pressure without usage of auxiliary equipment.

Principle of operation

Cryogenic unit 180К represents system of converting cryogenic liquefied nitrogen to gaseous nitrogen with heating it and pumping with high temperature.

Two pumps and evaporator are connected with diesel power pack, during operation of which energy from cooling system is converted to heat for nitrogen evaporation.

15° — 20°С (60°F — 70°F) gas temperature on discharge line at rate up to 40 m3/min (up to 90,000 SCFH).

Description of main components

  • Liquid nitrogen pump — AIRCО model GMPD, Triplex, has following parameters:
    Plunger diameter   41.3 mm (1.625”)
    Stroke   35 mm (1.38”)
    Max pressure   690 atm. (10,000 PSI)
    Max gaseous nitrogen rate   5100 m3/h, 85 m3/min (180,000 SCFH)
  • Evaporator — diesel engine is heating liquid nitrogen system, specially designed with engine cooling system, converting liquid cryogenic nitrogen to gaseous
    Max working pressure   690 atm. (10,000 PSI)
    Hydraulic test pressure   1050 atm. (15,000 PSI)
  • Booster cryogenic pump — cryogenic centrifugal pump. Model 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 6
  • Power pack engine — Caterpillar 550
  • Hydraulic energy transfer for nitrogen heating
  • Control and monitoring system.
  • Tubing and lines — all cryogenic lines (suction and discharge) are made from steel 304 and 316 types, which protects from leakage and specially designed for dealing with cryogenic materials.

Technical parameters in PDF format can be downloaded here:  Cryogenic nitrogen unit