The 20th International Scientific and Practical Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic Fracturing and Well Intervention Conference, Moscow
Nov 07-08, 2019
The 20th International Scientific and Practical Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic Fracturing and Well Intervention Conference, Moscow.
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14th annual conference “Oil and Gas Service in Russia” (Neftegazservis-2019), Moscow
Oct 30, 2019
14th annual conference “Oil and Gas Service in Russia” (Neftegazservis-2019), Moscow.
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SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, Moscow, Russia
Oct 22-24, 2019
SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference, Moscow, Russia.
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Coiled tubing times #4-5 (037) September 2011

Coiled tubing times # 4-5 (037) September 2011 pages 78-83

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We Use Only Premium Class Packer/Anchor Equipment

From year to year a list of oil and gas service operations with application of packer/anchor equipment is expanding. These complex downhole technological operations include: multistage hydraulic fracturing (HF) operations without pulling out of packer, which are performed in wells of complex structure and profile; HF operations in lateral holes of small diameter; tubing conveyed perforation of wells with subsequent bringing the well on stable production without pulling out of packer; squeeze cementing and other technological operations performed during well servicing and workover.

Technologies connected with application of packer/anchor equipment for well completions during production process, including the so-called intelligent completions, also develop rapidly. They include equipment for dual injection operations; equipment for dual completion operations; packer equipment for wells fitted with downhole pumping equipment; packer assemblies for isolation of casing leaks and so on.

For «Packer Service, LLC» rendering of services with application of packer/anchor equipment was one of the main directions on the first stage of Company’s activity. That’s why this direction is reflected in the name of the Company. And nowadays rendering of services with packer equipment application remains the main direction of activity of «Packer Service, LLC» company.

Sizes packer PS-146P, PS-168P, PS-178P;
used for hydraulic fracturing, cementing operations, acidizing, testing, reservoir,
leak detection casing
used as a production packer in the injection wells

«Packer Service, LLC» provides services with packer/anchor equipment of all the above-mentioned directions, in particular up to date the Company has completed:

  1. One-stage and multistage HF operations (without pulling out of packer for inspection) in more than 3500 wells with application of packer and wellhead equipment owned by «Packer Service, LLC». We cooperate with the majority of companies, which perform HF operations in Russia, providing them with packer services at the fields of Central Russia, West Siberian and Tyumen regions, as well as at the fields on the north of European part of Russia.
  2. More than 150 assemblies for dual injection operations have been implemented.
  3. More than 400 packer assemblies for servicing reservoir pressure maintenance (RPM) systems have been introduced.
  4. More than 200 packer assemblies for sand control of wells equipped with ESP units have also been implemented. (For more information about full range of services please visit our Company’s web-site

The success of «Packer Service, LLC» is based on high responsibility of the Company during selection of equipment, on application of "premium class" high-tech equipment and search for new innovative solutions and technologies. We should mention a set of new tools that are used by «Packer Service, LLC» and which were developed and manufactured by «MF «Packer Tools» LLC» ( This company is our partner, with which we jointly perform testing and implementation of newest packer/anchor equipment. When talking about new high-tech and high-quality equipment, we mean the following developments.

Packers with enlarged mandrel flow area (with full-size mandrel) of PSP series

The main feature of this packer equipment is that it has enlarged inside diameter of packer mandrel, which provides the following advantages.

1. During application of packers for downhole technological operations:

  • Full-size packer mandrels comply with inside diameters of tubing strings in service, which does not create additional resistance during injection of aggressive, abrasive and process fluids through the tubing string and packer mandrel (there is no choke restriction effect), while optimizing hydraulic calculations during HF, acid fracturing and other operations;
  • Full-size packer mandrels simplify performing of other technological operations, for example, proppant cleanout and after fracturing well completion operations with coiled tubing units’ application;
  • There is also a possibility of application of these packers for performing new types of HF operations, in particular, multistage HF operations with sequenced coiled tubing-conveyed perforation of formations. These operations require application of perforators with maximum possible diameter because it improves the quality of abrasive jet perforation. In Russia such packers have already been used in past and are used nowadays by foreign HF operators during multistage HF with application of sequenced coiled tubing-conveyed perforation of formation.

2. During utilization of PSP packers in RPM systems and for wells completion:

  • Full-size packer mandrels decrease hydraulic loss during injection of fluids and correspondingly lower RPM system operating costs;
  • It is possible to perform geophysical survey operations with application of full spectrum of logging tools. Application of the above-mentioned packers allows to reduce accident rate during logging operations.

Packers for operation to gether with different-purpose cable lines

«Packer Service, LLC» in partnership with «MF «Packer Tools» LLC» developed packers with capability of sealing the cable, which passes along such packer during equipment run-in-hole (RIH).

These packers have the following advantages:

  • the possibility of RIH packer and cable together without unsealing the cable line during packer installation;
  • seating of packer with the help of hydraulic method, which decreases the probability of damaging the cable line;
  • simplified technology of packer removal that make allowance for installation of estimated amount of shearing pins depending on intended downhole conditions.

The urgency of application of these packers is associated with the possibility of their application not only in wells equipped with downhole pumping units that has damaged parts of production string, but also in different types of assemblies for intelligent completion of wells, which require simultaneous separation of formations and acquisition of data from isolated areas by means of cable lines.

Specifications of these packers are given below:

PS-122K 146, PS-142K 168 178

Packer asse mblies for sand control in wells equipped with ESP units and in water wells

The problem of sand control is typical for both production well stock and RPM systems in water wells. By now our Company together with Strong company and «MF «Packer Tools» LLC» has developed several designs of packer assemblies based on the principle of wellbore fluids filtration by means of both direct flow filters with casing and crate-type hydrodynamic filters.

ESP unit, Production string, Hydromechanical packer, Direct flow filter with casing

For proper selection of filter type and calculation of its basic parameters it is necessary to have well data, such as specific productivity index, granulometry of removed solid particles, environmental aggressiveness, fluid density, temperature and water cut.

Direct flow filters with casing operate effectively in wells, oil formations of which consist of: clay sands, loamy soils and sandstones comprised of abrasive particles with size range of 100 µm and more.

Filtering surface allows infiltrating given undersize particles (defined by the width of filtering element slots) without damaging the pumping unit and entraping large abrasive particles on its surface.

High quality of equipment provided by our suppliers, including «MF «Packer Tools» LLC», allowed «Packer Service, LLC» to significantly broaden the spectrum of offered services and increase the number of clients. At the moment equipment of «MF «Packer Tools» LLC» is widely used at the fields of almost all oil and gas producing companies in Russia (Gazprom neft, Surgutneftegas, Lukoil, NK Rosneft), and we hope that the number of our clients will further increase.

Packer Tools

Source: Coiled tubing times #4-5 (037) September 2011